Certificates are offered for students currently pursuing a master's of library and information science degree or returning scholars who want to add the specialization to a completed Dominican MLIS degree or its equivalent from an ALA-accredited graduate library program. 

Certificate students work in collaboration with a faculty advisor who specializes in the appropriate field of concentration to shape a plan of study. Five three-semester-hour courses are required (15 semester hours total), except for the certificates in digital curation and digital libraries, which require six three-semester-hour courses (18 semester hours total).

Returning students must take the full five courses in order to earn a certificate in addition to an existing MLIS or its equivalent; it is not possible to earn a certificate by adding fewer than five courses to those courses taken to fulfill the original MLIS degree requirements, even if some of the courses taken for the MLIS are among those listed in a certificate's curriculum. Please see below for complete details on each certificate.

Exception to the guidelines made for:
Data and Knowledge Management Certificate (can be done post-baccalaureate as well as with an MLIS or post-MLIS)
Certificate of Special Study (can only be done post-MLIS)